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The research and study of new technological solutions is the basis of the work of Maroil Bardahl Lab, which for over 80 years has been producing and marketing Bardahl products internationally.

Polar Plus, Fullerene C60, Radial Polymer, Esteri & Pao Base.
The pursuit of perfection passes through a continuous challenge of its own limits.

The Polar Plus

Bardahl’s exclusive POLAR PLUS is a lubricant made with a specially formulated chemical combination that drastically reduces friction between contacting and moving metal surfaces.

This one-of-a-kind formula is thus able to protect surfaces from wear and tear and corrosion. Its protective action derives from its particular molecular structure, unique to Bardahl, which contains highly polarised molecules that adhere to metal surfaces.

These polarised molecules in Bardahl’s products behave like micro-magnets, adhering to metal and forming an extremely resistant lubricating barrier.

Fullerene C60

In 1996, researchers at the University of Houston in Texas (USA) received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for discovering a new form of carbon called ‘Fullerene’. This carbon consists of 60 atoms grouped into a three-dimensional structure that looks like a football. After years of laboratory research and development, Bardahl’s technical staff have developed a formula that lets you take advantage of the extraordinary capabilities of the Fullerene C60 molecule.

The Fullerene molecules in Bardahl C60 lubricants behave like micro-ball bearings that come between the motor’s metal surfaces. In this way, they create a layer of anti-friction protection, allowing you to make the most of your engine’s potential, while protecting against wear and tear and corrosion.

Bardahl is the first lubricant manufacturer to have developed a formula using fullerene C60.

Formula Radial Polymer

In addition to the exclusive Polar Plus and Fullerene C60 technologies, Bardahl has introduced revolutionary radial polymer into its 4T lubricants for motorcycles. Il Polimero Radiale conferisce al film lubrificante maggiori performance, contrastando fortemente il naturale decadimento delle prestazioni del lubrificante dovute da esercizio e mantenendo nel tempo le massime performance originarie durante tutto il ciclo di vita del fluido.

Ester &
Pao Base

A lubricant consists mainly of an oil base. Bardahl uses two types of available synthetic bases to this end, ESTER and PAO oil.

The particular composition obtained from the combination of polyalphaolefins (PAO), esters and synthetic bases with high viscosity index allows the formulations to achieve superior performance:


Chemistry made to measure
mco motorcycle oils tecnologie bardahl maroil
Bardahl motorcycle 4T lubricants are specially developed to protect against wear and ensure the best performance in all riding conditions.

The special MCO – MotorCycle Oil Technology formulation, designed by Bardahl for the motorcycle sector, offers greater durability and longevity of the engine, transmission and clutch, protecting the parts from wear thanks to the greater resistance of the lubricating film.

In addition to lasting component protection, MotorCycle Oils offers high performance even in the most extreme driving conditions and thermal stress since the oil film, tenaciously adhered to the lubricated parts, avoids metal-to-metal contact and consequent mechanical damage.

The innovative formulations containing Polar Plus and Radial Polymer guarantee the lengthening of the life of Bardahl moto 4T lubricants, eliminating the physiological deterioration of performance.

The polymer with radial structure with very high Shear Stability is able to provide extraordinary performances in terms of tenacity of the lubricating oil film, minimizing the loss of viscosity due to the mechanical shear stresses that occur during operation, in particular to inside the gearbox.

Triple Action

Polar Plus – Fullerene, Bardahl’s exclusive anti-friction formula, ensures triple-layer protection made up of a surface lubricating film, a layer of polarised molecules (Polar Plus) and a layer of Fullerene C60 molecules providing ultimate protection. Bardahl formulas assure higher superior performance compared to conventional lubricants.

Differing from the smooth surface seen with the naked eye, looking at a metal under a microscope reveals many microscopic rough areas on it, making it highly uneven. So when two different metal surfaces come into contact, these uneven areas collide and alone absorb loads and pressure. All this causes wear and tear.

The lubricating film created by Bardahl’s Polar Plus formula reduces contact between these rough areas, assuring a dramatic reduction in wear and tear and the risk of engine seizure.

A series of recent tests performed at the French government’s petroleum research laboratories have certified that, compared to a normal lubricant, Bardahl’s formula can reduce wear and tear by 34% during engine operation and up to 70% in the demanding engine start-up phase.


R&D in the DNA of Maroil

Maroil strongly believes in Research and Development as a differentiating element of corporate growth.

Maroil Bardahl Lab is an integral part of an all-Italian company strategy that aims at maximum efficiency and quality of product and service.