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For 50 years, Maroil has been producing Bardahl’s top-of-the-line lubricants with exclusive formulations tested in the racing field.


making history

Maroil S.r.l. was born from the intuition to expand the production of lubricants by the Marchetti family, owner of the company Toscogas S.p.A., already present since the early 50s in the LPG market for industrial and domestic use, distributed in cylinders and tanks.
Since 1973, a synergy relationship has begun between Maroil and Bardahl in which the Italian company becomes the European blending hub of the Bardahl lubricant line.
The search for excellence, Maroil’s mission and philosophy, has always been the engine of corporate growth, bringing the company to constant investments in research and development.
The formulation of the entire Maroil range is totally exclusive and the result of constant research and development in its laboratory in Altopascio (LU). Special additive packages with high technological content are the guarantee of Made in Italy products of superior quality and absolute reliability. Today Maroil produces Bardahl’s top line of lubricants for the international market.


50 years of history

«The year 2023 marks an important stage in our business journey, it is the year in which we celebrate 50 years of history.
A story to be proud of.

When in 1973 we became distributors and then producers Bardahl we chose to follow the philosophy of Ole Bardahl “If we can’t make the best products of their kind, we won’t make them at all”.

But we didn’t stop. We went further.

We designed products with the most performing formulations, we dressed them with the best packaging, we gave that premium value to the Bardahl brand with all the tools possible in every circumstance, carefully choosing the best partners, always looking for excellence with that taste all Italian.

And with the pride of being Italian, we have brought the best Bardahl products ever to the national and international market, Maroil products.

If today Maroil is the excellence of Bardahl in the world it is because here in Maroil we give our utmost to be first of all excellent people.»

Ilio Marchetti – Amministratore unico
Cosimo Campolmi – Direttore generale

made in maroil

Made in Italy in the world

Maroil produces and distributes lubricants and additives of superior quality worldwide.
Always faithful to the entrepreneurial philosophy of Ole Bardahl: “If we could not make the best products of their kind, we would not make them at all“, every Maroil product is designed and produced exclusively to offer the best performance ever. This takes shape in Bardahl Italia’s top range products.

The basic formulation of the entire Maroil range is totally exclusive and the result of constant research and development in its laboratories in Altopascio (LU). Special additive packages with high technological content are the guarantee of products made in Italy of superior quality and absolute reliability.

Maroil signs its packaging identifying Bardahl Italia’s top range products, certified and of guaranteed Italian origin, which are requested and distributed worldwide as premium products.


R&D in the DNA of Maroil

Maroil strongly believes in Research and Development as a differentiating element of corporate growth.
At its headquarters in Altopascio (LU) there are research laboratories where they are constantly created, produced and improved chemical formulations that give rise to innovative additivation packages, able to respond to the increasingly punctual and specific market needs in terms of performance, protection and reliability.

Maroil Bardahl Lab is an integral part of an all-Italian company strategy that aims at maximum efficiency and quality of product and service.
Specialized technicians collect feedback from the market and from the world of sports and racing, giving rise to processes in continuous evolution, aimed at continuous improvement to always offer the maximum to its customers.


A team with
clear ideas

Our values form the basis for our company philosophy. They also characterise our operating style and grow out of our company’s past success.

We have historically been a US army supplier and a technical partner in the motor-racing world. As a result, our internal personnel are constantly motivated to improve. They also work honestly and loyally as a team, often in the challenging and competitive sports or motor sport worlds.

We love working in a healthy competitive environment. It drives us to give the most and to create unique and extraordinary products. Respect underpins all our activity. We are determined to cultivate excellence with respect to our final products as well as throughout our company departments.

Technology, innovation, sustainability, quality and absolute excellence are key values to our company. We are proud of these principles and they shape our day-to-day activity.


Be enthusiastic and gratified for what we do. Go beyond your duties to achieve results.


Always set yourself new challenges and new goals. Constantly working on product and service quality. Organize processes, tools and people for continuous improvement.


Constantly investing in the search for new ideas and technologies to ensure superior value to customers. Don’t limit yourself to the status quo: think outside the box.


Correct and professional behavior in pursuing the interest of the company and customers. Make the necessary information available to colleagues and customers. Take responsibility and admit your mistakes.


Share our knowledge for the market

We develop and produce high quality lubricants and additives and technology for the most demanding customers.

We are committed to offering effective and innovative services to protect our partners and end users. We work with passion and professionalism, pursuing excellence always ready for new challenges.

Since 1973 our family has been traveling together with your passions.


Excellence and performance as a starting point

To be the reference point for reliability and performance applied to mechanics, innovating products and services for all enthusiasts and professionals.

“If we can't make the best products, then we won't make them at all.”

Ole Bardahl - 1939


Statement of facts

We are aware that our conviction is not enough to be sure that we are working well, but market confirmations and the recognition of control bodies are indispensable.
For this reason we are proud to have obtained, in 1998, the ISO 9001 certification.

Maroil SRL identifies customer satisfaction as the main objective of its organization, through which to achieve constant growth, ensuring adequate levels of profitability and financial stability and strengthening its market presence.

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All Bardahl products belonging to the category “Food Lubricants” are certified NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) which is the American body, recognized worldwide, responsible for establishing standards and carrying out certification tests for products operating in the field of health, environmental protection and food safety.

Tasks of NSF
  • Check the conformity of a product in relation to legislation.
  • Check the formulation and components.
  • Check the packaging and labelling.
NSF provides two categories of certification
  • NSF H1: Products that can be used in the food industry where the risk of contact with food is possible.
  • NSF H2: Products that can be used in the agro-food industry without risk of contact with food.