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Bardahl produces and distributes worldwide top quality lubricants and additives in various lines: automotive, industry, motor racing and boating.


The strength of a large organization

Bardahl has been manufacturing and distributing premium lubricants and additives worldwide for over 80 years.

In Italy, Maroil has been the exclusive dealer of the Bardahl brand since 1973 for the production and packaging of Bardahl products.

Who we are

Maroil and Bardahl: a 50-year history. A history of successes and continuous technological research.

For over 80 years Bardahl has been manufacturing and distributing world-class lubricants and additives in various lines: motor racing, automotive, industry, marine and railway.

Bardahl is a multinational that distributes in 90 countries around the world and is present with industrial blending and packaging plants in 8 of these.
The basic formulation of the entire Bardahl range is totally exclusive, thus differentiating itself from competing products for superior quality and absolute reliability. At the Bardahl Research Center in Seattle, real tests are carried out on vehicles and machinery, accompanied by rigorous research to obtain cutting-edge products.

In Italy, Maroil has been the exclusive dealer of the Bardahl brand since 1973 and has a modern fully automated blending plant for the production and packaging of Bardahl products. With its vast commercial network, Maroil is present throughout the country where it distributes the complete range of lubricants, additives and treatments.


The future of a great past

The Formula Polar Plus was discovered by Ole Bardahl in 1939 and was immediately placed under military secrecy by the Government of the United States of America. These were the years in which World War II was dramatically unfolding, which saw America engaged in war to oppose Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Ole Bardahl founded the Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation and developed the Polar Plus Formula which consists of electrically charged molecules capable of chemically attaching themselves to metal like micro-magnets. These molecules make it possible to reduce friction between two metal surfaces to such an extent as to ensure correct lubrication.
This was essentially the reason that prompted the American government to put this revolutionary formula under military secrecy. The use in the military field consisted in equipping the fighters with the Bardahl lubricant containing the Formula Polar Plus in order to allow the pilot to emergency return to the base in the event that the lubricant tank was hit by a barrage of bullets. Hitting the tank of an aircraft in fact involves the emptying of the same which results in seizure of the engine and consequent loss of control of the aircraft. The extraordinary effectiveness of Bardahl Polar Plus (which keeps friction in the engine under control even in the accidental absence of lubricant) allowed the pilot to maintain command of the aircraft, thus allowing him to carry out an emergency landing.

The Bardahl Polar Plus formula is still the basis of all Bardahl lubricants that over the years have been perfected and evolved, always trying to maintain their extraordinary performance today as then.


A jump into the past

The story of Bardahl is also told through the evolution of the packaging of its products and through the glorious sponsorships that Bardahl has always done in the world of Racing.