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XTC C60 10W-40

Product code: 326Suggested price: 23.90€

Performance Level

SAE 10W-40


Polar Plus | Fullerene | Radial Polymer


Special, high performance lubricant tested in the Motor Sport
racing industry and intended for the most demanding users for
sports use and otherwise.

Product Features

  • MCO Tailored Chemistry - developed to measure for motorcycle applications and with Bardahl Polar Plus + Fullerene C60 additives
  • Formulated with particular polymers, Radial Polymer Structure, at high Shear Stability
  • Counteracts the formation of deposits for maximum engine cleanliness
  • Ensures top lubrication efficiency even under high stress conditions
  • Optimizes engine power and performance
  • 100% synthetic


Superior Performance - Total Protection
Bardahl advanced technology, thanks to the exclusive Polar Plus + Fullerene formula and the 4-stroke motorcycle engines “ad hoc” additivation, MCO Tailored Chemistry System, allows to maximize engine and transmission efficiency, while providing total protection to all lubricated mechanical parts. Bardahl lubricants ensure significantly higher performance than conventional oils.

Ideal for

Mostly formulated for Hypersport, Sport-tourer and Off-road engines. For high power multi-cylinder and single-cylinder engines. Suitable for engines both with integrated and separate gears, with wet or dry clutch.