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XT 5W40 C3

Product code: 343

Performance Level

SAE 5W-40/ ACEA C3

API SN - CF / MB 229.31 - 226.5 /

VW 505.00 - 505.01 / PORSCHE A40 / FORD 917A /

RENAULT RN 0700-0710 / GM DEXOS 2


XT is a lubricant for latest generation petrol and diesel engines equipped with exhaust after-treatment systems requiring low SAPS lubricants. Thanks to its specific mSAPS additivation, with low sulfur, phosphorus and sulphated ash content, it allows to extend the lifespan of particulate filters (FAP and DPF) and catalysts.

Product Features

  • Superior wear control.
  • Greater durability and cleanliness of all engine parts.
  • Preserves the functionality of particulate filters and catalysts.
  • Easy starting and immediate low temperature lubrication.
  • 100% synthetic formula.


The excellent viscosimetric properties allow immediate start-up lubrication and, thanks to the high value of HTHS, to limit the wear due to viscosity loss at high temperatures during operation. Thanks to Bardahl technology and the effectiveness of the Polar Plus formula, XT Polar Plus allows, on the one hand, a significant reduction of friction to the benefit of the engine's performance, fuel economy and protection of mechanical parts, on the other hand, to keep clean the engine extending its lifespan in maximum efficiency.