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T&D / GEAR OIL SAE 85W-140

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Performance Level

API GL-5 / GL-4 / MT-1
SAE 85W-140


Polar Plus | Fullerene


T&D Gear Oil 85W-140 is a special Total Driveline lubricant, formulated for lubricating the manual transmissions and differential gears of vehicles which expressly require a SAE 85W140 viscosity grade.

Product Features

  • Best protection of gears against wear and heavy loads.
  • Improved effectiveness of transmission.
  • Guaranteed longer life and better cleanliness of all parts of transmission.
  • Excellent resistance against deterioration and thermal oxidation.
  • Compatibility with syncronizers and elastomers.


Its exclusive BARDAHL POLAR PLUS – FULLERENE C60 anti-friction Formula builds a protection layer: a surface lubricating film, a polar molecule area and the Fullerene C60 molecules as a final protection device.

Its extraordinary EP (extreme pressure) properties make it suitable to be used in all gear systems that are heavily overloaded and work under general severe conditions and critical lubrication, such as hypoid differentials, heavy vehicle axles and final reduction gears.