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Polar Plus


Treatment formulated to increase the viscosity of the engine oil at high temperature in order to allow a better seal between the piston and cylinder and avoid oil leakage in the combustion chamber. Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines.


The exclusive Bardahl Polar Plus formula is a combination of chemicals contained in Bardahl lubricants that greatly reduce friction between all moving parts of the engine.
It is a unique blend of its ability to protect surfaces from wear and corrosion.
The Polar Plus formula ensures a double level of protection consisting of a surface lubricating film to which is added a layer of polar molecules capable of adhering stably to the metal surfaces of the engine.



  • Reduces exhaust smoke due to excessive oil combustion
  • Decreases the consumption of lubricant
  • Promotes the pressure holding of the oil at high temperature
  • It can be mixed with all mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils
  • Can be used on all petrol, diesel and LPG engines
  • Compatible with catalytic converters


An abnormal quantity of white fumes at the exhaust is a clear sign of excessive oil consumption, which leaks into the combustion chamber and therefore burns together with the fuel.


  • Restores the tightness of the rings, improves compression and reduces engine noise
  • Reduces friction between the moving parts of the engine with a special protective film
  • Improve engine compression and performance


With each oil change, with the engine warm, add the following quantities to the oil tank:

  • 250 ml for 4 cylinder engines
  • 375 ml for 6-cylinder engines
  • 500 ml for 8-cylinder engines