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XTR C60 RACING 39.67 5W50

Product code: 306Suggested price: 49.00€

Performance Level

SAE 5W-50


Polar Plus | Fullerene


XTR 39.67 Racing C60 is a special lubricant for sports employment, developed for racing motors or high power motors.

Product Features

  • Concentrate Formula Bardahl Polar Plus + Fullerene C60
  • High Performance
  • Builds a very resistant lubricating film on all parts of the motor
  • Limits the lowering of oil viscosity in the racing use
  • Reduces the deposits that are being formed at very high temperatures
  • Power Improver
  • Ultragrade Viscosity
  • 100% Synthetic Formula


Beyond all limits.
The use of very precious synthetic bases and special High Shear Stability Polymers enables XTR 39.67 Racing C60 to maintain oil viscosity very high up to extremely high temperatures, thus permitting a constantly effective lubrication even in extreme situations.

Thanks to the high dosage of the BARDAHL POLAR PLUS – FULLERENE C60 FORMULA, XTR 39.67 Racing C60 is ideal for sports employment, where the maximum performance of oil in terms of protection against wear and a very good efficiency of propulsor are requested.