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Polar Plus | Fullerene


Concentrated treatment, formulated to increase the anti-wear and anti-friction performance of engine oils.
Contains a unique formula based on Fullerene + POLAR PLUS molecules capable of coating the metal parts of the engine and forming a resistant anti-friction film at extreme pressures against wear and corrosion.



  • Protects the engine from wear even in situations of limit lubrication; cold start and severe exercise
  • Enhances engine performance by improving mechanical performance
  • Decreases operating temperatures
  • Promotes fuel economy


  • Wear of the metal components of the engine
  • Lubricant performance degradation


  • Protects the engine during cold starts and in the most stressful conditions of use
  • It reduces consumption, both of oil and fuel, by up to 10%
  • It improves the performance of the lubricating oil film even at high temperatures without changing the viscosity and characteristics of your oil


  • In addition or after changing the oil, pour one package into the engine oil tank
  • One package treats up to 6 liters of oil
  • Recommended without from the first oil change
  • For all 4T engines (petrol - diesel - LPG - turbo)
  • Mixable with all oils, compatible with catalytic converters and particulate filters
  • Suitable for all engines, petrol and diesel, naturally aspirated or supercharged, including the latest generation ones equipped with exhaust after-treatment devices and those powered by LPG and CNG
  • It does not contain substances harmful to the environment (lead or chlorine)
  • It does not clog the oil filters
  • It remains active for 15,000 KM