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Bardahl Brake & Parts Cleaner quickly cleans and eliminates dust from all kinds of mechanical part (brakes, gears, clutches, engines, chains, runners, guns, hedge trimmers,…). It can be used for cars, motorbikes, agriculture, buildings, water sport, portable devices, motorized cultivators, do-it-yourself items, and many other household uses. This product does not contain chlorine, dries fast and is very powerful.

Product Features

  • Cleans and degreases : ✓ Electrical equipment, engines, starters, switches, alternators; ✓ Brake parts, linings, brake plates and brake pads,... ✓ Mechanical parts, clutches, bearings, runners, chains, …
  • Eliminates oil stains, grease, tar, resin, paint and fresh glue. Bardahl Brake & Parts Cleaner is a dielectric solvent.