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Performance Level

· ASTM D 3306
· ASTM D 4985
· CUNA NC 956 – 16
· B.S. 6580:2010
· AFRNOR NF R15-601
· SAE J1034
· NATO S 759
· VW/TL 774-C (SFU G11)
· MB 325.0
· MAN 324 NF


Concentrated cooling and antifreeze liquid, based on pure non-regenerated ethylene glycol. Proper for cooling circuits of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles which require premium fluids of HOAT type (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology). Protects the whole cooling system (radiators, cylinders, cylinder heats and water pumps) from overheating, corrosion and encrustation. Suitable for new generation engines with parts in aluminium alloy and engines of a less recent generation. Free from nitrites, amines and phosphates.



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use the product once it has been diluted with demineralized water. Diluted at 50% in volume permits a freezing point of approximately -37°C and a boiling point of approximately 108°C. Abstain from mixing with fluids of a different technology. See the use manual of the manufacturing company, previously. It is compatible with hard waters. Do not use flowing back waters, originating from industrial processes, or brackish waters.

Field of application