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Polar Plus


Premium Lubricant specifically formulated for the new generation of high powered 2 Stroke Oil-injected outboard engines that require superior lubrication with high thermal stability. In addition all other requirements must exceed NMMA TC-W3 specifications. This is achieved through special ashless additives that guarantee total protection of parts.

Product Features

  • Efficient lubrication under all conditions with a minimum ratio oil/gas
  • Maximum cleaning of pistons and of the spad-plugs
  • Large reduction of temperature, avoiding the “Ring Sticking”, and wear-down due to the “Ring Jacking”
  • Superior protection against marine rust, corrosion and wear-down
  • Smokeless Technology
  • Performances higher than NMMA TC-W3 to meet Direct Fuel lnjection (DFI) engines requirements


High Performance - Total Protection. The special anti-friction Bardahl Polar Plus Formula forms a molecular film that chemically adheres to metal surfaces and creates a long-lasting protective barrier, drastically reducing friction in all parts of the engine. It brings the highest possible anti-seize specification, maximum protection of the drive shaft and connecting rod, more power and better engine efficiency. In comparison with traditional lubricants, the Bardahl Formula guarantees a much superior performance.