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Bardahl Engine Stop Leak is compatible with mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils. It restores the original properties of rubber, synthetic or natural crankcase gaskets (Viton, silicone, polyacrylate, type N buna), waterproof gaskets, seals, cylinder head or O-ring gaskets. This prevents and eliminates engine oil leaks and seepage. Compatible with petrol and diesel engines (injection, carburetor, high pressure, turbo, LPG), catalytic converters and DPF.

Product Features

  • Reduces carbon deposits on the valves
  • Softens hardened and shrunken O-rings and gaskets.
  • Increases gasket volume up to 70%.
  • Stops and prevents oil leaking from internal and external gaskets.
  • The red color of the product allows easy location of oil leaks.


  • After an oil and filter change, pour the contents into the crankcase.
  • One can treats up to 6 liters of oil.


  • In case of high oil consumption, add half a bottle of Bardahl No Smoke after having changed the oil and added Engine Stop Leak.