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  • Eliminates deposits from injectors, valves and carburetors, restoring engine performance
  • Keeps the fuel system clean and lubricated
  • Improves combustion reducing consumption and harmful emissions
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosi
  • Improves lubricity and helps control engine wear
  • Contains Octane Booster


The clogging of the injectors leads to a poor quality of fuel atomization, resulting in an irregular flow to the engine. Deposits can also cause the valves to stick, thus altering the correct fuel/air ratio and therefore the combustion efficiency.

When the fuel system gets dirty, not only does the engine performance decrease in terms of driveability and response, but there is also higher fuel consumption and particulate emissions.


Top Gasoline contains a special package of detergent and dispersing substances that allow the deposits to be effectively removed from the first treatment, restoring the regular fuel supply to the combustion chamber and consequently the energy efficiency of the engine.

Its use, continuous or periodic, allows to keep the fuel system clean, preventing the accumulation of dirt on injectors, valves and carburettors, thus avoiding the progressive decline in engine performance. In this way it prevents the increase in polluting emissions and improves fuel economy.

Thanks to its formulation containing anti-friction additives and octane booster, it allows an increase in engine power while reducing wear.

At the same time it protects all system parts from rust and corrosion, counteracting the harmful effects caused by small quantities of water that may be present.



A 250 ml package treats about 50-60 liters of gasoline.

For better mixing with the fuel, it is recommended to pour the additive into the tank just before refueling.

Field of application

Top Gasoline is a multifunctional additive compatible with all types of petrol, designed for engines with traditional PFI fuel systems and with carburetors. Provides excellent detergency performance and maintains the cleanliness of the entire fuel system.