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Octane Booster Motorcycle is an additive specifically formulated to increase the octane rating of gasoline and to maximize the engine performance.


Octane Booster Motorcycle is lead- and aniline-free and performs in gasoline both utilized and not. Thanks to its original chemistry, Octane Booster Motorcycle has no high toxic properties, which are instead common to other well-known products for increasing the octane rating.

Ideal for

  • Instantly increases the octane rating of gasoline by 4-5 units, leading to a controlled, more uniform combustion.
  • Increases power and effectiveness of the engine.
  • Stops knocking due to pre-ignition and detonation (anti-detonating power).
  • Inhibits the phenomenon of post-ignition caused by deposits in the combustion chamber.


  • Engine knocking
  • Loss of power
  • Detonation and post-ignition phenomena


Add one bottle of OCTANE BOOSTER MOTORCYCLE directly to the fuel tank. For a better result, add the additive to the tank not completely filled with gasoline, then fill the tank up to obtain the right mixing.