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Product code: 160Suggested price: 15.60€


  • Stops and prevents leaks in the cooling system.
  • Protects all ferrous and non ferrous metals (iron, copper, aluminum) against corrosion.
  • It stops and prevents cracks in the engine block, cylinder head, joints and all other leaks in the cooling system (radiator, water pump,…).
  • Does not cover but penetrates cracks, which allows a perfect circulation of the engine coolant.
  • Resists to high temperatures, pressures, modern car vibrations (high pressure direct injection)
  • Does not damage joints (including rubber ones) and aluminum cylinder heads.


  • Turn on the heating system.
  • Check up and fill in, if necessary, the level of coolant.
  • Shake can thoroughly and add contents to cooling system.
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes allowing the product to harden and seal the leaks, and then turn off the engine.
One can treats 6 liters of coolant.

Field of application

Bardahl Radiator Stop Leak is a radiator/cooling system additive. It is suitable for all types of engines (diesel, petrol and GPL - 2 and 4 strokes) and all types of radiators (aluminum, plastic). It is miscible with all types of antifreeze and coolant (type C, type D and universal). It is absolutely effective and essential for the cooling system of thermal engines. Compatible with new and old cars. Bardahl Radiator Stop Leak is fully compatible with aluminum radiators, heads and blocks and will not harm rubber hoses or gaskets.