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È un composto-sigillante universale di alta qualità. Facile da usare per sostituire qualunque tipo di guarnizione preformata, per applicazioni nel campo automobilistico e industriale.


Bardahl Speedy Gasket is a single, high quality universal gasket compound. Easy to work with and replaces all types of pre formed gasket products. Specially formulated gasket sealant compound for automotive and industrial applications.For gearboxes, water pumps, valve covers, steering boxes and crankcases on cars, trucks, caravans, motorcycles and boats. Protects against leaks and simplifies the installation of water hoses. It can be used as a simple replacement for pre formed gaskets and can also be used for the repair of pre formed rubber door surrounds. Protects electronic equipment such as switches, sockets, ignition systems, cable extensions, glass headlamp covers and electronic boxes against humidity.


Bardahl Speedy Gasket is a non-conducting product. Offers superior resistance at all temperatures from -50°C to +260°C. High resistance against extreme weather conditions, corrosive brake fluids plus mineral and synthetic lubricating oils. Highly viscose, it dries quickly and will not run on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Perfect adhesion on rubber, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and many other plastics. Efficient, easy application with the practical dispenser. Clean application as excess material can be easily removed with a dry cloth. Bardahl Speedy Gasket is easy to work with as it skins over rapidly. Therefore no extensive waiting. Speedy Gasket remains flexible and will not harden, shrink or crack. It will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. It has a superior resistance at high temperatures and from other influences such as various chemicals.


Ensure surface is clean and free of grease. Apply product uniformly on one of the parts to be joined. Allow a short period for product to set and press together for final assembly. Special Note Not for use with cylinder head repairs and exhaust pipe connections. Avoid permanent contact with petrol. Additional information The product will dry from the outside to the inside and is influenced by warmth and humidity. At a temperature of 22°C and relative humidity of 60% the product will have a dust free shin. Complete drying after 24 to 72 hours, depending from the thickness of the joint. This product contains acetic acid. The vapors and smell will disappear during drying.