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Recommended price: 20.00


BARDAHL FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER has been specially designed to answer, specific carburettor and injection system problems such as irregular idling, irregular acceleration, difficult starting, increased fuel consumption and pollution (exhaust fumes and gas). WITHOUT THE NEED TO DISMANTLE ANY PARTS. Does not contain lead nor sulphur.


  • Dissolves and eliminates any type of deposit (varnish, gum)
  • Restores acceleration
  • Overcomes irregular idling problems
  • Increases power and responsiveness
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces black smoke and exhaust emissions
  • Does not damage the carburettor
  • Cleans both inside and outside of the carburettor perfectly


External cleaning::
Turn off the engine, spray product on the outside part of the carburettor, let the product act for two minutes, then dry with compressed air before starting the engine.

Internal cleaning::
Remove the air filter, start the engine, spray product through air inlet valve onto carburettor parts (throttle valves, nozzles, flow meter plates, air inlet valve, …) until all deposits are eliminated, accelerate repeatedly at the same time to prevent ‘stalling’. Ventilate well after use.