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XTF S/20

Recommended price: 21.50


Performance Level

SAE 20


Polar Plus


XTF Fork Oil is a high quality fluid, developed to enhance the performances of forks

and shock absorbers in Hypersport, sport-tour and on/off-road motorcycles.

Its synthetic formula and special polymers grant this lubricant high viscosity index and

excellent smoothness at low temperatures: this enables the product to achieve very

good and constant performances in a wide range of temperatures, thus also assuring

a consistent response of the suspension under all conditions.

The exclusive BARDAHL POLAR PLUS Formula, improved by the special anti- stick

and anti-slip additives, always assures the correct friction coefficient, to the benefit of

the precise and smooth work of the suspension.


  • Best protection of the mechanic organs of the engine from wear, corrosion and rust.
  • Greater longevity and cleanliness of all organs of suspension.
  • Special anti-oxidizing agents reduce the oxidation deposits of the lubricant, thus extending the efficiency of the suspension.
  • Strong anti-foam properties and high compatibility with elastomers.