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Polar Plus


KXT Kart is a lubricant developed for a sports use and especially for 2-stroke KART engines working at a very high revolution number and undergoing very severe working conditions. KXT Kart is formulated with synthetic and special complex esters at very high viscosity that give the oil such excellent anti-seizure and EP properties as to guarantee a perfect motor lubrication and at the same time a combustion free of deposits.


  • Excellent protection against seizure and cylinder rifling.
  • Very good deterging power for a perfect cleanliness of the engine.
  • Additives with a low content of thermally stable ashes: it reduces the build up of high temperature deposits.
  • Permits an excellent piston reading.
  • High viscosity for a maximum resistance of the lubricating film.
  • Formulated with synthetic bases only, contains castor oil.
  • Improves engine performance.
  • Approved by the International Karting Association (CIK-FIA).


The new generation low ash additives with a high deterging power that are contained in the formula permit to maintain clean the hottest parts of the thermal group and to avoid the build-up of deposits that tend to block the segments in the ring sticks and to provoke an unusual wear of the cylinder. KXT Kart contains the exclusive BARDAHL POLAR PLUS formula that is able to form a lubricating molecular film that, strongly settling on the metal, forms a permanent protecting barrier and thus successfully reduces friction and wear on all engine parts. KXT Kart is a non-prediluted lubricant that is suitable to be used in gasoline to manually prepare mixtures according to the use percentages suggested by the manufacturer and originating from the research of a perfect carburetion.


KXT Kart is generally suitable to be used in highly performing 2-stroke engines that do not have an automatic mixing device.


SAE 60