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Polar Plus | Fullerene


Bardahl B2 – Oil Treatment is highly recommended for vehicles consuming too much oil and losing power. Bardahl B2 – Oil Treatment can be added to any type of engine oil: mineral, semi-synthetic and 100% synthetic oils. It can also be used in any type of car (petrol, diesel or LPG), including turbocharged engines. It is suitable for use in cars equipped with a catalytic converter.Bardahl N°2 – Oil Treatment contains a unique formula based on polar organic and extreme pressure compounds which fix themselves on metal and create a very solid lubricating film. This film resists high pressure, high temperature and reduces wear and friction. Bardahl N°2 – OIL TREATMENT is advised to be used by all important car manufacturers.


    Bardahl B2 – Oil Treatment is an engine oil additive which contains a specific polymer which increases the oil viscosity at high temperature and therefore :
    • Reduces oil consumption
    • Reduces friction between moving engine parts
    • Restores lost compressions
    • Reduces engine wear and noise
    • Reduces exhaust smoke
    • Reduces the blow-by effect, i.e. the presence of combustion gas into the crankcase


Add Bardahl B2 – Oil Treatment directly into your engine oil each time you change oil and, if necessary, in-between oil changes. Add content of the can into oil crankcase when the engine is warm (maximum 10% of crankcase capacity).