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Recommended price: 35.50


Bardahl Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak can be used with any fluid used in power steering systems or automatic gearboxes meeting DEXRON or similar requirements, except LHM.


  • Restores the original properties of O-ring gaskets (softens hardened or shrunk gaskets, increases their volume by up to 70% and cleans gasket grooves). This allows to stop or prevent leaks in the pump, rack or valve.
  • Restores the oil performance by adding new additives and therefore increases the service life of mechanical parts.
  • Prevents, in some cases, the cost of replacing very expensive parts (valve, rack, power steering seal, pump).
  • Stops seepage in hose connections.
  • Reduces noise and vibration.
  • Resists to high temperature and pressure.


  • Power steering: add contents of the can into the power steering crankcase, respecting the maximal level advised by the manufacturer (maximum one 300ML can per usage). Automatic gearbox : add the contents of the can in the automatic gearbox sump (maximum 10% of capacity).
  • Does not repair split or broken gaskets. Is not effective on paper gaskets.