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LPG ADDITIVE is a product for the cleaning of LPG vehicles fuel system. Thanks to its innovative detergent and dispersant technologies, it is able to separate and eliminate the impurities present in the LPG (olefins, oil residues, water and other contaminants), thus solving the problems of irregular engine operation.


Keeping the system clean and lubricated ensures regular operation and therefore a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

LPG Additive also favors the elimination of any traces of water inside the tank, counteracting corrosion and the formation of sludge.


  • Keeps the pressure regulator and its filter clean
  • Keeps the pressure regulator membrane elastic and protects it from wear
  • Keeps injectors and intake valves clean
  • It guarantees the regularity of LPG combustion and a better cold start
  • Restores original engine performance, reducing fuel consumption and emissions
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion and sludge



The presence of contaminants inside the power supply system leads to the accumulation of residues on the system pressure regulator. These contaminants also contribute to the wear of gaskets and rubbers, in particular they lead to the stiffening of the elastomeric membrane that regulates the flow of LPG inside the combustion chamber.

This prevents the maintenance of a constant and optimal pressure of the gas, which takes the form of a fuel supply that is sometimes excessive, therefore leading to poor combustion, sometimes insufficient, leading to a jerking functioning.

Finally, also the pressure regulator filter, the injectors and the intake valves are subject to accumulation of deposits which compromise the regular flow of fuel and air to the combustion chamber.

All of these phenomena lead to problems such as ignition difficulties, irregular idling, power losses and unwanted switching of the power supply from LPG to petrol.



The cleaning action of LPG Additive is achieved thanks to its active ingredients which incorporate the pollutants present in the LPG and eliminate them by transport into the combustion chamber.

Preserving the pressure regulator and its filter from the accumulation of residues and preventing the deterioration of the elastomeric membrane, keeping it clean and sufficiently elastic, it allows the maintenance of an optimal and regular LPG flow, ensuring maximum combustion efficiency.

It solves power losses due to clogging of injectors, filters and intake valves, removing deposits and counteracting their formation.



  1. Use with empty tank before refueling
  2. Shake well before use
  3. Place the rubber cover on the car’s loading socket and press it down for about 30 seconds to allow complete emptying

Usage data: 5,5 bar@20°C – 11,80 bar@50°C

Recommended use:

Repeat the treatment on average every 10.000 km.