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Bardahl Instead Of Lead has a lubricating effect on valves and valve seats by forming a protective film. This prevents metal to metal contact and reduces the erosion of the valve seats by maintaining valve seating in the optimum position when closed. It increases performance and prevents the engine from premature wear. The formulation combusts completely without leaving any deposits.

  • Allows the use of unleaded petrol in 2 and 4 stroke engines designed to be used with leaded fuel
  • Protects mechanical parts from damage
  • Extends the engine lifespan


Older cars, as well as marine engines, agricultural equipment, civil engineering machines and motorbikes without catalytic converters, do not have toughened valves and valve seats. Without the protection of lead, which has a lubricating effect, the working of the valves creates dramatic wear, which causes valve seat recession due to continuous metal to metal contact. As a result, performance decreases and the engine can be damaged. Therefore it is essential to compensate for the absence of lead by the addition of Bardahl Instead Of Lead in the fuel. Application fields: cars, motorbikes, water sport equipment, motorized cultivators, agriculture, etc.


Add Bardahl Instead Of Lead each time you refuel and before petrol is added to the tank.

  • Unscrew the cap and ‘squeeze’ the bottle.
  • Fill in the upper graduated measure (10 ml for 10 L of fuel).
  • Pour into the tank.