T & D 80W90 LS

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API GL-4 / GL-5  / MT-1
SAE 80W-90


T&D Gear Oil Slip Formula 80W-90 is a special lubricant. It’s a Total Driveline product, developed to lubricate manual transmissions and differential gears of vehicles, industrial vehicles and commercial heavy duty vehicles.

Properties and technology of the T&D range

Its extraordinary EP properties (extreme pressure) make it suitable to be used in all strongly stressed gear systems that operate under severe working conditions and critical lubrication conditions, such as hypoid differentials, axles of industrial vehicles and final reducers. Contains special “Limited Slip Differential” additives that are able to optimize the operation of self-blocking differentials of vehicles, light commercial vehicles, off-road and heavy duty vehicles. Its brilliant thermal-oxidative stability and efficiency in controlling the formation of deposits occurring at high temperatures permit extended oil change intervals. T&D Gear Oil Slip Formula moreover assures the best possible compatibility with all types of gaskets and has excellent anti-foam properties.

Plus of Product:

  • Greater efficiency and perfect protection of gears.
  • Good longevity and cleanliness.
  • Best compatibility with all types of gaskets.
  • Excellent anti-foam property.