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SAE 15W-50


Premium Quality lubricants, totally synthetic, formulated for most of 4-stroke Hypersport, Sport-Tourer and Off-Road motorcycle engines, with both integrated and separate gearbox, with wet or dry clutch.

Developed to offer the best performance in all driving conditions and in any type of engine, they always guarantee maximum engine protection even under extreme stress circumstances.

Properties and technology of the XTM POLAR PLUS range

Superior Performance - Total Protection
Use of highly appreciated synthetic bases and special polymers (Radial Polymer Structure) with high strength, allowing the XTM range of lubricants to maintain the right viscosity of the oil within a vast temperature range, guaranteeing ever-efficient lubrication, even in more critical lubrication conditions.

Plus of Product:

  • MCO Tailored Chemistry - developed to measure for motorcycle applications and with Bardahl Polar Plus + Fullerene C60 additives
  • Formulated with particular polymers, Radial Polymer Structure, at high Shear Stability
  • Counteracts the formation of deposits for maximum engine cleanliness
  • Ensures top lubrication efficiency even under high stress conditions
  • Optimises engine power and performance