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VBA Synt is a superior performance lubricant that offers a great flexibility of employment: it was developed for a wide range of 2-stroke motors installed on scooters, motorcycles, small commercial vehicles and gardening equipment in general.

Ideal for

  • Scooter
  • Moto
  • Small commercial vehicles
  • Gardening equipment

Properties and technology of the VBA range

VBA Synt is formulated with special components that assure an efficient lubrication all the time and also an excellent and clean combustion without deposits. Its additives with a low ash content and a very good deterging power permit to maintain clean all the hottest parts of the thermal group, thus avoiding the accumulation of deposits on the sparking-plug and between the piston groove and the piston ring. VBA Synt contains the exclusive BARDAHL POLAR PLUS formula that forms a lubricant molecular film that strongly adheres on the metal surface and creates a lasting protection barrier, drastically reducing friction and wear on all the lubricated parts of the engine.VBA Synt is suitable for automatic mixing systems and for manual mixing at 2% or according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Plus of Product:

  • Best protection against wear and seizure.
  • Better cleanliness of the engine and sparking-plug.
  • Reduces exhaust smoke.
  • Utmost flexibility of employment.