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SAE 80W-90


Transmission Oil is a lubricant for transmissions and gear systems of motorcycles and scooters that require oils with EP SAE 80W90 performances.

TRANSMISSION OIL properties and technology

Its exclusive anti-friction BARDAHL POLAR PLUS – FULLERENE C60 formula forms a triple protecting layer: a surface lubricating film, a Polar Molecule area and the Fullerene C60 molecules as final protection device. Its excellent EP (Extreme Pressure), anti-wear and anti-foam characteristics permit the perfect lubrication and protection of the gears even when they are strongly loaded and under the most severe operational conditions.

Plus of Product:

  • Notable EP performance (extreme pressure).
  • Excellent protection of gears.
  • More efficient transmission.
  • Guarantees a longer life and a better cleanliness of all transmission parts.
  • High resistance against deterioration and thermal oxidation.