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Scooter Injection is a high performance lubricant especially developed for the modern 2-stroke air-cooled or water-cooled engines of scooters with automatic blending systems and DFI systems.

Ideal for:

  • Scooter

Properties and technology of SCOOTER INJECTION

Scooter Injection is formulated with special synthetic bases at high viscosity that can ensure a constantly efficient lubrication and at the same time permit an ideal and clean combustion without deposits. This formula contains low ash additives of new generation that have a high cleansing power and permit to maintain clean all the warmest parts of the thermal unit and avoid the accumulation of deposits that tend to block the piston rings in the ring sticks and cause irregular wear in the cylinder. Scooter Injection contains the exclusive BARDAHL POLAR PLUS anti-friction formula that is able to build a molecular lubricating film that chemically settles on metal, creates a permanent protecting barrier and efficiently reduces friction and wear on all lubricated parts..

Plus of Product:

  • Best protection against wear and seizure.
  • Best protection of crankshaft, connecting rod and bearings.
  • Perfect cleanliness of engine and sparking plug.
  • “Low ash” formula: reduces the deposits of high temperature, it is extremely compatible with catalyzers.
  • Reduces a lot the exhaust smokiness.

  • Scooter Injection can also be employed for manual blending, to be done following the manufacturer’s directions