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SAE J 1703


Bardahl Synthetic Brake fluid DOT 4 is an advanced development based on proven brake fluid grades. Strict quality control makes this product a valued product worldwide. A broadly based research effort is guaranteed to give the best results. It has a very high basic - and basic boiling point. This ensures general safety margins against bubble formation and brake failure. A regular brake fluid change is essential to ensure driver safety. Brake fluid is like a motor oil, it also looses its efficiency with time. Not changing a motor oil can lead to engine failure, but not changing brake fluid can endanger lives.


  • Is suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Is stable in varying climates, from very cold to very hot.
  • Can be mixed with all brake fluids DOT3 and DOT4 ( with exception of hydraulic type mineral oil systems)
  • Outperforms the US FMVSS* 571.116 and SAE J 1703 specifications.* Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
Bardahl Synthetic Brake fluid can also be used in filling and bleeding units.

The problem

Brake fluid wears out with time. It absorbs water from the atmosphere and its boiling point drops rapidly. Old and polluted brake fluid represents a major safety hazard. Steep downhill runs or heavy braking pose develops “vapor - lock“ in the braking system with, at the long run braking failure. The higher the wet boiling point, the higher the safety-margin. Brake fluid absorbs humidity (water) from the atmosphere in the course of time. This reduces the basic boiling point - lowers braking safety. In extreme cases it can lead to a total brake failure. There, the higher the wet boiling point, the higher the safety margin.