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Foamy Chain Lube is a spray lubricant with high penetration, especially developed to protect and lubricate all types of chains, including the self-lubricating O-Ring chains.

Properties and technology of FOAMY CHAIN LUBE

Its exclusive BARDAHL POLAR PLUS anti-wear formula builds a molecular lubricating film that chemically settles on the metal and thus forms a permanent protection barrier against friction and wear: the result is much more performing than the one of traditional lubricants. Foamy Chain Lube contains special substances that permit the formation of a foam that immediately penetrates into the surfaces and goes deeply into the links.

Plus of Product:

  • Powerful lubricating action and EP performances (Extreme pressure).
  • “Foamy” Formula for an extremely strong penetration.
  • Ensures a longer life of chain, crown and pinion gear.
  • Grants a higher anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.