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Special oil for the treatment of sponge air filters. Concentrated product for professional use. Absolutely necessary for competition use./p>


The polymers contained in this product prevent road dust, contamination and liquid in the environment entering the engine. Pre-dilution with solvent increases penetration properties, good adhesiveness and easy use.

Plus of Product:

  • Maximum adhesion for optimum filtering action
  • Long term treatment
  • Concentrated formula (over 15 treatments)

Directions for use:

Clean the filter carefully. Shake the content of the tube and pour a trickle of oil with a spiral movement directly onto the internal and external surface of the filter. In order to make product penetrate effectively, compress the filter by squeezing gently and release until the product is uniformly distributed. Depending on the degree of contamination, use 50 ml to 100 ml of product for each treatment