XTC C60 5W40

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MMB 229.5 / BMW LL 01/ VW 502.00-505.00 / OPEL LL-B-025 / PORSCHE A40 / Renault RN0700 - RN0710
SAE 5W-40


XTC C60 Synthetic Special Oil is a Premium Performance lubricant for aspirated or supercharged engines of gasoline vehicles and for diesel and turbodiesel engines with direct injection. The use of precious bases and special high stability polymers permits to achieve extraordinary performances in terms of resistance to thermal deterioration and strength of the lubricating oil veil even under the most severe conditions of working, thus permitting to extend the interval of oil changes up to the maximum limit indicated by the manufacturer. Its excellent viscosimetrics permit an immediate lubrication at setting in motion and, while in motion, permit to contain the wear due to the lowering of viscosity at high temperatures, thanks to the high HTHS value.

Properties and technology of the XTC c60 Premium Performance range

Thanks to the Bardahl technology and the effective Polar Plus formula with Fullerene, XTC C60 Synthetic Special Oil permits a notable reduction of friction to the benefit of the performance of the propeller, a saving of fuel and the protection of all mechanic parts. It also helps keeping the engine clean and so extends its life.

Plus of Product:

  • Better control of wear
  • Longer life and cleanliness of all parts of the engine
  • Easy start and immediate lubrication at low temperature
  • 100% synthetic formula.