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Multifunctional additive for the protection and cleaning of the diesel injection system.

The problem

  • Engine power loss
  • Dirty injectors
  • High fuel consumption
  • Greater polluting emissions
  • Noise
  • Premature degradation of engine oil and shortening of oil change intervals
  • Poor driving comfort

The solution

  • Improves engine performance and driving comfort
  • Protects the fuel system from the negative effects of water and corrosion
  • Prevents the degradation of diesel fuel and the consequent accumulation of dirt in the tank and on the fuel filter

Instructions for use

  • Top Diesel must be added to diesel fuel in the measure of 0.2% -0.3%
  • Add a 250ml bottle to a full tank of diesel fuel (60lt)
  • Repeat the operation every 2 or 3 full
  • For better mixing with diesel fuel , it is recommended to pour the additive into the tank before refueling