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Multifunctional additive for petrol, formulated for the cleaning and protection of the injection system, valves and combustion chamber.

The problem

  • Smoky and polluting exhaust gas
  • Excessive oil consumption due to the accumulation of residues in the combustion chamber
  • Blocking of the upper part of the cylinder during the running-in period and problems of adaptation of the piston rings
  • Irregular combustion
  • Pre-ignition phenomena.

    The solution

    • Lubricates and protects the entire fuel system
    • Cleans the injectors improving the efficiency and performance of the engine
    • Disperses impurities and allows total combustion and better energy efficiency of the fuel
    • By increasing the octane number in petrol, it allows the elimination of pre-ignition phenomena, knocks etc ...

      Instructions for use

      • Add a 250ml bottle to a full tank of petrol (50 / 60lt)
      • For the initial treatment double the dose