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Octane Booster Motorcycle is an additive specifically formulated to increase the octane rating of gasoline and to maximize the engine performance.


  • Instantly increases the octane rating of gasoline by 4-5 units, leading to a controlled, more uniform combustion.
  • Increases power and effectiveness of the engine.
  • Stops knocking due to pre-ignition and detonation (anti-detonating power).
  • Inhibits the phenomenon of post-ignition caused by deposits in the combustion chamber.

OCTANE BOOSTER MOTORCYCLE properties and technology

Octane Booster Motorcycle is lead- and aniline-free and performs in gasoline both utilized and not. Thanks to its original chemistry, Octane Booster Motorcycle has no high toxic properties, which are instead common to other well-known products for increasing the octane rating.


  • Engine knocking
  • Loss of power
  • Detonation and post-ignition phenomena

Directions for use:

Add one bottle of OCTANE BOOSTER MOTORCYCLE directly to the fuel tank. For a better result, add the additive to the tank not completely filled with gasoline, then fill the tank up to obtain the right mixing.

Additivo formulato specificamente per incrementare il numero di ottano della benzina ed esaltare al massimo le prestazioni del motore.