MTF 75W90

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SAE 75W-90
API GL-4 premium (Gear Protection & Synchroniser Performance)
Ford WSD-M2C200-C
GM 1940764, 1940768
VW G 50


BARDAHL MTF Manual Transmission Fluid is a Multi-Vehicle fluid for cars, fully synthetic, fuel economy, developed to meet the lubrication needs of most manual transmissions and differential gearbox units requiring API GL-4 premium performance (Gear Protection & Synchroniser Performance).


Maximum gear and bearing protection against wear, heavy loads and corrosion.Improved transmission efficiency and reaction.Ensures a longer life and cleanliness of all transmission parts.

Higher Performance - Total Protection

The special additives used give the product a high thermal-oxidative stability, prevent the lubricant from deterioration and allow longer intervals between oil changes. Its marked rheological properties, a high viscosity index and high cold fluidity allow maximum efficiency of the transmission at both low and high temperatures. The superior characteristics, anti-wear and EP supplied by the exclusive Bardahl formula together with the antifoam properties, allow an optimal lubrication and protection of the mechanical components even in the most difficult conditions of use, enhancing the transmission performance and allowing smooth and precise insertions.