GEAR OIL 4005 SYNT 75W90

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API GL-5 e GL-4 / MT1
MB 235.8 / MIL-L-2105D MIL PRF 2105E
SAE 75W-90


Gear Oil 4005 is a Total Driveline fully synthetic oil, developed for lubricating the manual transmissions and the differential units of standard vehicles, sports cars and commercial vehicles..

Properties and technology of the GEAR OIL 4005 range

Excellent Performances – Total Protection Its extraordinary E.P. (Extreme Pressure) properties and its excellent resistance to degradation from use make it suitable for strongly stressed hypoid differentials and for gear systems exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

Plus of Product:

  • Best protection of gears against wear, strong loads and rust.
  • Improved efficiency of transmission.
  • Ensures longer life and cleanliness for all parts of transmission.
  • High resistance against degradation and thermal oxidation.
  • ICompatible with synchronizers and elastomers.
  • Helps to extend the oil change interval as indicated by manufacturer.