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SAE J1704, FMVSS 571.116
DOT 4 e ISO 4925 Classe 4


Synthetic fluid for disc and drum brake hydraulic systems. It prevents the Vapor Lock phenomenon and guarantees maximum safety when braking at both high and low temperatures. It is not corrosive to metals and is compatible with all rubber parts of the system.


  • Excellent thermal stability and high safety against the Vapor Lock phenomenon
  • Compatible with all rubbers, both natural and synthetic
  • High anticorrosive protection on metals
  • 100% Synthetic Formula

    The problem

    Brake fluid wears out with time. It absorbs water from the atmosphere and its boiling point drops rapidly. Old and polluted brake fluid represents a major safety hazard. Steep downhill runs or heavy braking pose develops “vapor - lock“ in the braking system with, at the long run braking failure. The higher the wet boiling point, the higher the safety-margin. Brake fluid absorbs humidity (water) from the atmosphere in the course of time. This reduces the basic boiling point - lowers braking safety. In extreme cases it can lead to a total brake failure. There, the higher the wet boiling point, the higher the safety margin.