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The special Bardahl Hydraulic Valve Lifters Treatment is a complementary synthetic lubricant consistent with all kind of oil and all fuel and diesel engines, common rail and high pressure, particle filters and catalytic converter.


The special Bardahl Hydraulic Valve Lifters Treatment has the following properties:
  • Restores the hydraulic valves lifters ideal working conditions and reduces costly mechanical pieces wear.
  • Dissolves and eliminates impurities, rubber and veneer deposits in the oil route.
  • Liberate valve tails and hydraulic valves lifters components taped because of deposits.
  • Reduces working noises.
  • Contains extreme pressure agents in order to increase the protection.
  • Does not clog oil filter.
  • Active while 15 000 km.
  • Advisable by the best constructors.

Instructions for use:

  • Pour the bottle content in engine oil on top-up or during the emptying. A bottle treats 6 liters of oil.