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Previene e combatta i problemi connessi alla presenza di acqua nel carburante (gasolio / benzina).

The accumulation of water in the fuel tank leads to the following problems:

  • Corrosion.
  • Bad combustion.
  • Intermittent acceleration.
  • Poor cold starting.
  • Decrease in performance.
BARDAHL Fuel System Water Remover will overcome these problems.


Eliminates water due to condensation in petrol and diesel fuel. Protects the fuel system (injectors, pump and carburettor) thanks to its lubricating properties. Assists cold starting and protects the engine from corrosion. Prevents the formation of rust and deposits in the fuel system. Avoids injector and pump seizing on high pressure engines (HDI, TDI,DCI, ...) .

Instructions for use:

  • Add directly to the tank
  • 1 liter treats up to 200 liters of fuel (dosage 5 per 1000)
  • Compatible with all types of petrol or diesel fuel engines (injection, carburetion, high pressure, turbo, LPG), catalytic converters and particle filters. Particularly applicable for modern high pressure engines (diesel common rail or petrol injection), where the presence of water can lead to the replacement of very expensive parts (injectors, pumps).