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Multifunctional additive for the protection and cleaning of the diesel injection system.

The problem

  • Presence of Biodiesel
  • Dirty injectors
  • Engine power loss
  • High fuel consumption
  • Greater polluting emissions
  • The solution

    • Cleans the injectors from deposits caused by the presence of Biodiesel
    • Reduces fuel consumption
    • Reduces exhaust fumes and restores engine performance

    Instructions for use

    • Top Diesel must be added to diesel fuel in the amount of 0.2% -0.3%
    • Repeat the operation every 2 or 3 full
    • For better mixing with diesel fuel, it is recommended to pour the additive into the tank before refuel

    For diesel engines aspirated and supercharged, both with indirect and direct high pressure injection system: common rail and pump-injector.