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BARDAHL INJECTOR CLEANER risolve i problemi dovuti allo sporcamento del sistema di iniezione.


Contains a blend of solvents and ashless detergents which act to clean and lubricate the intake valves and the injectors Restores injector spraying Protects the fuel system against rust and corrosion Facilitates cold starting

Instructions for use:

Pour contents of the can into fuel tank. For an optimum cleaning, pour contents of the can into 50L of fuel and for an energic treatment, pour the contents of two bottles in one full. Drive until complete consumption and refuel. Compatible with any type of petrol engine, including high pressure system. Compatible with E10 fuel.


BARDAHL Fuel injector cleaner is a fuel detergent additive with excellent water dispersion properties. It is designed to prevent common injection and fuel system problems such as:
  • Fouled injector nozzles
  • Moisture on injector nozzles
  • Fuel line icing
  • Corrosion of the injector nozzles